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TQSS Series Gravity Destoner

Time:2021/11/2 16:25:40
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1. TQSS Series of stoner is the newest generation of classified stoner.

2. It is equipped with double-check device with independent fan so that this machine can take most of the grain back from the impurities which separated out from raw material.

3. The added re-selection system of independent fan, it can re-select stones and mud pellet in corn that are separated from main screen and separate the corn from stone and mud pellet.

4. It can not only improve the efficiency of removing stones, but reduce the losses of corn.

1. High cleaning effect is achieved by destoning functions.
2. Drawer type sieves are easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintenance.
3. Light impurity such as dust, chaff, bran can be removed by air suction device.
4. Conforming to enviroment protection, no dust leakage due to negative pressure air suction, and air volume is adjustable.
5. The inclination of sieve is adjustable, hence it is widely adapted in various grains.
6. Low noise, no pollution, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance.

Model TQSS120 TQSS150
Capacity(t/h) 7-10 11-15
Power(kw) 0.3*2+0.75 0.3*2+0.75
Air Volume(m3/h) 7200-8400 7200-8400
Overall dimension
2075*1754*1946 2075*2386*2180