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Guangzhou Fengtai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:A811 YinFeng Business Center, No.31 Yunshan Road, Xinhua town, Huadu district, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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Adhere to the development strategy of "product specialization, production scale, highlighting specialty, and strengthening grain and oil processing equipment", become a first-class grain and oil processing equipment supplier, and strive to become a pioneer in grain and oil processing equipment.

We want to achieve our customers' careers. Customers are our precious wealth.

We want to achieve the cause of our partners. Win-win with our partners is our true success.

We want to achieve the career of our employees and realize their personal value.

Achieving you and me is the ideal pursued by Guangzhou Fengtai Machinery Co., Ltd. Achieve everyone, a small family, a customer, a partner, achieve a win-win situation, and seek common development.

Work hard to make the impossible possible
Do things with heart, with a responsible, pragmatic, and meticulous spirit to do everything in every day; only find ways for success, not reasons for failure; always make the impossible possible.
Treat people with sincerity and move oneself to move others
Treating people sincerely and abide by one's credit is the foundation of doing things for others. Treat people with sincerity, humility, tolerance, and understanding; face customers and employees, stick to the attitude of making promises, and always move customers, colleagues, friends and family by moving yourself.
Change, otherwise be changed
Constantly strive to change yourself, persevere, innovate yourself, create value, and realize self-worth, otherwise you will eventually follow the trend and self-eliminate.

Dare to be responsible: She is different from the general sense of responsibility. She must have the ability and courage to assume responsibility, whether internally or externally, to be courageously responsible. Encourage this behavior, and don't ask for full blame even if it is wrong.
Dare to be the first: She is different from innovation in the ordinary sense. She must have the courage to be the first to eat crabs, walk a path that no one has ever walked before, and at the same time have the courage to fight, never give up, persevere, and always turn the impossible into possible.
A promise to make money: Facing customers and employees, stick to the attitude of keeping promises.
Meticulous: Be meticulous, serious and responsible, work hard in every detail, work hard, and strive for perfection.
Teamwork: We advocate teamwork, teamwork, dedication, dedication, and teamwork. There is only a perfect team, no perfect individual.