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★ Enterprise purpose: integrity, efficiency and professionalism.
★ Enterprise spirit: "Unity and hard work, benevolence and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to serve the world."
    "Unity" is the basic guiding ideology for the sound development of an enterprise. Through communication, coordination, cooperation, and creating a fair and just good corporate environment, a situation of unity and coherence is formed.
    "Struggle" must be accurate and efficient in work, and when completing tasks, there must be a heroic feeling of "not being a hero without the Great Wall", and there must be "kindness". Possess the human nature. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. But what exactly is "people-oriented" and "humanized management". Through a complete care system, employees can feel the respect, help and care of the company for themselves, so that employees love the company, love their work, and love the company as at home. Retaining good employees is the great wealth of a company.
    "Dedication" people-oriented is to maximize the protection of the interests of every employee under certain conditions. The premise is that there is such a "certain condition", which is not innate. It is created by every employee of the company. Everyone must work hard (work) to dedicate their talents and strength to the enterprise to create this condition, so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy greater benefits.
    "Pioneering and Innovating" Pioneering innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Through extensive scientific research activities and staff rationalization suggestions, all employees can achieve innovation; through modernization, informatization and standardization of management concepts and methods, technology innovation and management innovation can be achieved; Extensive exchanges and cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation in new technologies.
    "Dare to be the world" Dare to be the world is the source of business success. We must dare to learn, practice and innovate. It is necessary to learn and adapt in change, generate and develop in adaptation, and regard the daring to actively learn and innovate as a kind of work ability. All employees of the company have and should have the spirit of daring to the world in relation to the ever-changing market and the relationship with people in the same industry.
★ The core value concept of the enterprise: Satisfy customers, reassure shareholders, and make employees happy.
    The goal of an enterprise is to create value. Value is the essence of the survival and development of a company. Just imagine, will anyone buy goods or services that are worthless? No one buys your products or services. What do you rely on to make a profit? Only if your product or service is valuable and recognized by the society will it bring you a steady stream of profits. Similarly, employees must work hard to create value for the company in order to get the rewards they deserve. Therefore, customers, enterprises, and talents each serve each other, and at the same time each takes what they need to reflect each other's value.